Подшипники P900

With Timken's P900 bearings, we use the concept of power density – increasing the bearing capacity-to-weight ratio – to provide customers with a lighter, more fuel-efficient solution for industrial and automotive axle designs. In most high-load applications, P900 bearings perform more than 50 percent better than traditional bearings, cost-effectively improving your product’s performance and efficiency. They also have helped customers increase load-carrying capacity in a variety of applications.


Design Attributes

  • Special finishes on rollers, cups and cones reduce surface-related modes of damage and improve rolling contact surface finish and fatigue life.
  • Advanced geometry virtually eliminates edge stress concentrations caused by high loads or misalignment.
  • Compact design allows for reduced dimensions of related components and can mean substantial savings, decreased inclusion content, prolonged bearing life, increased reliability and greater resistance to harsh operating conditions.


  • Transmissions and drive axles for heavy truck and off-highway equipment
  • Transmissions, transaxles, drive axles and other components for automotive applications
  • Gear drives for industrial applications

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